Stakeholder Advisory Committee and Meeting Info

The County’s Board of Commissioners appointed a volunteer Stakeholder Advisory Committee to provide perspective from various constituencies to inform the project development process, review and comment on pending decisions and actions, and to provide an additional avenue of communication to the community about the project. The Stakeholder Advisory does not have formal approval authority for project decisions, but will provide critical representation for the community at large.

The Stakeholder Advisor Committee is comprised of the following 10 community members:

  • Lisa Carpenter – Non-Motorized Transportation (Pathways), Neighbor
  • Jeff Daugherty – Schools (Teton County School District #1)
  • Carrie Geraci – Arts
  • Ralph Haberfeld – Neighbor (Indian Springs HOA)
  • Tom Holland – Business, Wildlife/Environmental
  • Frank Lane – Emergency Services, Transit, Neighbor (Indian Trails HOA)
  • Alex Muromcew – Neighbor
  • Scott Pierson – At-Large Citizen, Wildlife/Environmental
  • Dave Schofield – Neighbor, Business (Commercial Trucking), Emergency Services (Law Enforcement)
  • David Schuler – Schools, Wildlife/Environmental

Additional information related to the committee’s meeting schedule, tasks, etc., will be posted as these items become available

Stakeholder Meeting #1
Thursday, May 16, 2019

Presentation*  |   Boards*  |  Notes

Stakeholder Meeting #2
Monday, June 17, 2019
Stakeholder Meeting #3
Monday, July 15, 2019

Agenda*  |  Materials*  |  Notes

Stakeholder Meeting #4
Thursday, July 25, 2019

Agenda*  |  Materials* (see below)|  Notes

Stakeholder Meeting #5
Wednesday October 2, 2019
Stakeholder Meeting #6
To Be Determined
Public Workshop #2
To Be Determined
Stakeholder Meeting
To Be Determined

Board of County Commissioners Approval Meeting To Be Determined


*As presented on meeting date. Items may have been updated since meeting date.

For more information on how the Stakeholder Advisory Committee was selected refer to the Project Charter Process